Jan Hinrik studied General Rhetoric, Roman Philology and Political Science at the Universities of Tübingen and Hamburg. During his studies he worked freelance for the NDR (North German Broadcast Channel) and received a scholarship for the 'Broadcasting and Electronic Communication Arts' masters program at San Francisco State University with focus on Directing for film and television. 

Jan Hinrik has been working as an independent filmmaker, writer and director since 1998. He has written and directed a variety of award-winning documentaries for television and cinema, such as 'Mr. Pilipenko and his Submarine' which ran successfully on various national and international festivals. Underdogs was his first feature film.

Additionally to documentary and feature works he has directed a large variety of commercials for online, tv and cinema that also won him a variety of national and international awards. Currently he is working on the adaptation of Theodor Storms famous novel 'Der Schimmelreiter' (The Rider on the White Horse) for the big screen.

Jan Hinrik lives with his family near Hamburg, Germany.